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Who are we?

NOTVACATION is dedicated to providing digital nomads with a reliable and enriching resource for responsible and fulfilling long-term travel. Our platform serves as a knowledge hub, offering tailored advice and fostering a genuine community. With a focus on cultivating respect for unique cultures, we aim to engage meaningfully with the places we visit, challenging the superficial and consumerist aspects of mainstream tourism. Through a mindful approach, we unlock meaningful experiences, catalyzing personal growth and global understanding. Join us on this transformative quest, where joy and responsible exploration converge to allow for deeper appreciation of life itself.

How did this all begin?

In early 2017, our founder Dana Vines, gave away most of her possessions and set out on the road in a 1990 Ford e-350 ex-prison bus converted into a RV skoolie to live as a true nomad, no destinations in mind, the journey was the mission. Ever since then (with the exception of one year during a notable global pandemic) she continues to roam. Over time the experiences and connections made along the way proved that the lifestyle of a wanderer, albeit exhausting at times, has been endlessly rewarding. Now she seeks to share those lessons learned with loved ones, old affiliates, and new friends a like via our growing community of fellow contributors and travel enthusiasts.

We believe that responsible travel involves being aware of the impact our travels have on the environment, the economy, and local communities. As global citizens, we have a responsibility to protect the places we visit and leave a positive impact. We promote sustainable tourism, supporting local businesses, and respecting customs to create a better relation to the places we visit. Our hope is to continue to grow this community which will allow for more knowledge sharing, understanding, and collective growth around those topics. If you're at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned road warrior, we welcome all.

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