Remote Work Resources

Assuming that you are not the recent recipient of a large inheritance or are otherwise independently wealthy, most of us will need some kind of work to sustain long term travel. Fortunately, in the post-covid era, remote work is abundant and finding something that can satisfy basic income needs is somewhat accessible. 

I have a job, now what?

Let us help you get started on your first time out or provide support on building another journey together

Local guides

  • Turn you onto some of the best hidden or maybe not so hidden spaces a location has to offer

  • Connect you with people in the area you'll be traveling for authentic and reliable source of information

  • Take a personalized questionnaire so we can create a plan that fits you best!

Cultural Insight

  • Give you some insight into common cultural practices of the location your traveling so you can move through spaces respectfully and skillfully

  • provide some important history of the area so you have a strong context of the space you'll be occupying

  • suggest opportunities to give back to the people or participate in a positive way as a visitor

Mapping out logistics

  • Build flight / train / boat / camel (etc) schedules out

  • Long term lodging set up

  • Account for any seasonal events in surrounding areas to be sure you don't miss the really good stuff

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