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Say hello to our dynamic team of travel contributors – the architects of our shared experiences! 🌈✨ These wanderers are more than storytellers; they're your passport to a world of captivating narratives and offbeat adventures.

Natan Ovadia

I love travelling to learn and experience new cultures around the world...and to taste all the foods!

Blake Boris-Schacter

Travel can be described in so many ways. Its freedom, its excitement, its challenging, its daring, and its simply different. Different is important because without it, we cant always know, or be reminded, of how many different and amazing places exist in this world. There are so many different ways to live, things to see, food to taste, and places to explore. There is always more, which is both daunting and comforting, cause with travel, you never have to be bored. Escape the ordinary. Fly Delta <- or you know, whoever pays you to sponsor the site.

Nadia Muhieddine

Yes, I would be happy to.

Sasha Macko

One of my primary life goals is to always be learning, and there is nothing like traveling to consistently stimulate curiosity! Being surrounded by the different smells, sounds, languages, flora/fauna, and cultures of the world helps me understand new ways to approach life, to problem solve, or find a more nuanced perspective on a topic. I used to be a whirlwind adventurer trying to do and see all the things in each location, but working remotely has opened me up to the luxury of slow and steady travel. Spending at least two months in one area to feel the rhythm of the day-to-day, learn the language basics, and feel integrated into the community is now my favorite way to get to know a place. Even if I am working everyday and doing minimal sight-seeing, I am comfortable knowing that I can take in and notice all the little things about my space and that keeps the oh-so-necessary childlike wonder alive.

Tara Dettmar

I've kept this email marked as unread for weeks to make sure I got back because I fucking love this! I'm between meetings so can't add much rn (I'm too vain to choose a picture without a lot of mulling) but wanted to respond just to say, hell yeah, I'm interested! Particularly, if you see a place for it in your model, I'd be interested in contributing to cultural awareness and/or deeper learning that goes beyond surface level vacation travel. Also into aesthetics for whatever that's worth, lol.

Regardless, stoked for you and hope to keep in the loop.

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