Things you might need.

You're gonna need some things Here's some things we like.

Inateck Backpacks - This backpack has been through maybe 200 flights and counting with very little wear and tear. The fully unzip main compartment makes loading gear in and out extremely easy and plenty of pockets throughout for easy access to laptops, passports and wires.
Away Luggage - For the longer trips, you'll need something that can stand up to being tossed about in cargo and is easy to move about the larger amounts of clothes, supplies, and toiletries an extended period can demand. My away bag has stood the test of time without a single malfunction. I affectionally refer to it as "big blue" when looking for it on the carousel.
ETRONIK Duffle bag - So with a backpack and a roller suitcase, what 1 other piece of luggage could we look to fit our on our bodies or on the plane without breaking a vertebrae or your wallet? Duffle bag son! Ideally, you're just carrying this bad boy around the airport if you can offload as much as possible at checked luggage. This will store approx. 1 change of clothes, a pair of shoes, your necessary tech (with charger built in🤘) and however many sour patch kids your heart can handle in the hours to come on the plane. Plus it's big enough when that occasional instance your checked bags dont come through you wont be totally screwed.
Packing cubes - If I could explain the physics of why these are space saving then maybe I wouldn't be a travel blogger but either way: you pretty much need these. I can't speak to which brand might be better than the other as I've owned about 4 different sets of these and they seem to be created all relatively equal. Choose your adventure as to how many you might need or what sizes call out to the dimensions of your suitcase.

reusable, machine washable, foldable bags - Depending on where you extra bag/stuff carrying vessel is never a bad idea as lightweight and multi-purpose these guys run. You never know what kind of market, bodega, corner store, street vendor you're going to be patroning so a bag on hand has been useful on more than one occasion. Especially when you are checking on luggage that's a little too heavy and you need to disperse weight quickly.

Fanny Pack - hands-free. compact. screams "I may or may not live here". Need I say more?


Cabeau Travel Pillow - This is already a pretty popular travel item as I see it regularly used throughout other travelers in the wild. There's a good reason it's so popular: a comfy and convienient design make it the top choice among a sea of imitators. Good quality and affordable pricing win in this category.

Carry-On Necessities

Wireless, noise cancelling, headphones ( Sony WH-1000XM5 ) - There's a myriad of options out there when it comes to Bluetooth headphones that can drown out airplane noise. The pair listed here are the latest issue of the Sony line which have a solid range of sound but you can really choose your adventure here in regards to budget/quality and get relatively the same effect. I carry a pair of wireless ones (also sony) for when I'm wearing my neck pillow and a pair of over-ears that come with a cord to plug into whatever entertainment system the airline carrier offers. Anyone who has experienced the travesty of an agitated infant or overly talkative seat neighbor can attest as to how some big ol cans can be your saving grace.

Travel Pill Box - Any given moment some form of discomfort can creep up during your travels and easy access. Let your comfort be easily accessible. Something that's always easy to forget until you need it the most.

Palladium Boots - Currently on my 3rd pair of Palladium boots based on the long time reccomendation from friends in the music industry that spend hours a day on their feet. They are so durable, stylish, and come at a price point way accessible for the everyday pedestrian.

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