How to find a place to stay as a Digital Nomad

1/4/20242 min read

How to choose a place to stay:

There’s really often a time that I come to the conclusion that there’s no way to really know. A dismal way to start the narrative but it shows a real difference in theory and knowing, no? Sometimes, I’ve chosen places that are so far from where I actually want to be that I spent the whole time going “never again”. What I want to help you avoid here is the guiding tools to prevent that similar situation from happening with you dear reader.

Let me tell you where I start:

Seriously, this tongue in cheek site has actually provided guidance beyond belief and so I’ll encourage anyone on this site to visit this as a first frame of reference for real time accounts of life in a place unknown.

Outside of this here are some top 5 parameters for choosing a neighborhood blindly:

  1. Look for the grocery stores - the number one thing that you’ll need during your stay will be snacks, without a doubt. Don't catch yourself too far from the snacks friend, you will regret a decision that places you far away from convenient food.

  1. Check around for public transportation - you know what else isn’t near your apartment? Everything. All the things you want to do will be spread out from where you want to be unless you’ve paid a trillion bucks to be right in the thick of tourist town and I promise, it’s not worth it.

  1. What are the current rates of rental for nearby properties - Don’t get bopped. You can stay a little further out for a fraction of the cost. Make sure that your champagne taste is reserved for the basics to function (i.e good wifi, security, fundamental appliances) and everything else can be spent on experiences

  1. How far is it from the airport? That $100 uber ride might not be the move and public transportation is nightmare unless you are the carry-on queen (or king)

  1. Check the traffic report - I personally dont love to live in Grand Central station, ya dig? It may be really appealing to be in the thick of it all but more times than not, i’ve regretted staying in super populous areas for several factors such as sound, accessibility, and PRIVACY.

Best wishes in your choices, may the odds be ever in your favor